Opportunity to participate in PBC itch research

Opportunity to participate in PBC itch research

Opportunity to participate in PBC itch research

This research is being conducted on behalf of a pharmaceutical company whose goal is to gain further insights into the impact of living with PBC, improve outcomes and to identify opportunities to improve the lives of people living with PBC.

You will be invited to share your PBC experience:

    • When you first experienced symptoms of PBC
    • Where you sought medical advice/treatment
    • How you feel in terms of the personal and emotional side of dealing with your PBC
    • Your biggest concerns/worries about living with your condition.
    • How your everyday life changed as a result of your PBC
    • Things that you wish healthcare professionals better understood when treating those with PBC
    • Regarding PBC-related itch:
      • How would you describe the feeling of the itch?
      • What effect does itch have on your life and how does it impact your daily activities?
      • Is the itch always present, or to varying degrees?
      • Do you tend to scratch the itch or try to resist scratching?
      • How often would itching cause you to scratch your skin raw?
      • Are any areas of your body more affected by the itch?
      • Does anything trigger the itch?
      • How do you feel people perceive you when itching?
      • How does itching effect your sleep – both going to sleep and staying asleep?

Why participate?

To make a difference in the lives of people living with PBC

Will I be compensated for my participation?

Yes, a small honorarium will be available to participants.

Will I need to travel to participate?

No, all interviews will be conducted by phone.


Please contact Gail Wright if interested at gail.wright@pbc-society.ca who will pass your contact info on to the research team.