AASLD Liver Meeting 2017

The Canadian PBC Society traveled to Washington, DC to attend The Liver Meeting. While there, we had the privilege of hearing from world leaders in PBC research such as Dr. Robert Gish, Dr David Bernstein, Dr. Gideon Hirschfield, Dr. Chris Bowlus, Dr. John Vierling and many more. It was amazing to learn about the many new drugs in development for PBC – check our Research blog to learn about all of the new drugs currently in clinical trials. We met up with PBCers Carol and Cathy at their booth where they displayed their new brochures and information cards. We also spent some time with our friend from the UK PBC Foundation, Robert who shared the foundation’s newest “Living with PBC” booklet and PBC APP. It was great to meet Dr. Sanjaya Satapathy, from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, whose project focused on PBC education for the medical community and patients. The PSC Partners did an amazing job of creating an info card that explains the difference between PBC and PSC. It was a great honour to join the 2016 award winners of Intercept’s Practice to Policy Awards to present the results our winning Peer to Peer and Coping Skills Workshop Project. Learn more about the AASLD Meeting here.