Dates to Remember

Saturday August 26, 2017

PBC Meet & Greet – Edmonton

10:00 am to noon – Join us for a support and information gathering of patients, family, and friends Dr. Mason will pop by if he’s free that morning to answer your questions – at Iconoclast Coffee Roasters 11807 105 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Wednesday September 6, 2017

International PBC Day Luncheon

Join us in Niagara Falls NY at 12:30 pm For more details click here.

Sunday September 10, 2017

International PBC Day #PBCandMe

#PBCandMe.  Groups from all over the world will be recognizing International PBC Day using this hashtag!

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Queen’s Park PBC Awareness Day – Toronto

Meet at Ontario’s Legislature for a full day of activities and meetings to raise awareness of PBC. To register click here.

Wednesday October 25, 2017

PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting – Ottawa

Join us from 6:00-8:00 pm for this complimentary dinner meeting at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. Welcoming Dr. Shaw-Stiffel, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Tsien, Dr. Scully. To register click here.

Thursday November 2, 2017

PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting – Calgary

Join us from 6:00-8:00 pm for this complimentary dinner meeting in Calgary. Welcoming Dr. Mark Swain as special guest speaker. Check back for more details and registration link.

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Canadian Rare Disease Day

PBC is a rare disease. One in 10,000 people in Canada have PBC. Make sure our voices are heard in Ottawa and provincial legislatures across Canada.

Thursday March 1, 2018

Nutrition Month – March

Good nutrition is essential in living with PBC. Find out about healthy eating that is right for you.

Sunday April 22, 2018

National Organ Donor Week – April 22 – 29

PBC if left untreated may result in the need for a liver transplant.

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  • PBC Research

    • First new PBC treatment in 20 years approved!
      The Canadian PBC Society is excited to share that a new treatment option for PBC is on it’s way, thanks to the recent Canadian conditional approval of obeticholic acid, otherwise known as Ocaliva, or [more]
    • Future hope for those who don’t qualify for transplant
      More exciting news in Liver Research. Engineered liver tissue could help millions of people who suffer from chronic liver disease but don’t qualify for a liver transplant. – Read More [more]
    • “Liver Dialysis” Trail Begins in the UK/EU
       “Liver dialysis” trial begins in the UK/EU with 24 patients at 7 sites – adding 100 EU patients in 2018.The aim is to remove toxins that accumulate in liver failure to prevent [more]
    • Results out for Phase 2 of a new PBC Drug Trial
      Read the full results of the “Seladelpar Interim Data Phase 2 Low Dose Study in PBC” by clicking here.[more]
    • Another PBC Drug going into Phase 2 Trial
      “Genkyotex Initiates Patient Enrollment into Phase 2 Trial of GKT831 in Primary Biliary Cholangitis” – Read More [more]
    • New PBC Drug First Patients enrolled in Phase 2 Trial
      “GENFIT: First Patient enrolled in a Phase 2 Trial recruiting Adults with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC), a Rare Liver Disease ” – Read More [more]
    • New PBC Drug in Early Stage Trials
      “BAT117213: Ileal bile acid transporter (IBAT) inhibition as a treatment for pruritus in primary biliary cirrhosis: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial” Read More [more]
    • New Canadian PBC Patient Registry
      In 2016, we designated the proceeds of the Canadian PBC Society’s signature fundraising event, A Day at the Races, to support PBC education, awareness and research at the Toronto Centre for Liver [more]
    • New European Guidelines for PBC Diagnosis and Treatment
      In March 2017 New European Guidelines for PBC Diagnosis and Treatment were published. We are very excited that these guidelines include ensuring that patients have access to PBC Patient Support [more]
    • PBC Prevalence Study released
      See the first Canadian PBC Prevalence study published March, 2017. The objectives of this study were to estimate and characterize the PBC population and associated PBC liver transplant recipients [more]
  • PBC Blog

      It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Erica Nirenberg.  Many of you will remember Erica for her kindness and diligence in arranging the room for monthly support group meetings. [more]
    • A Day at the Races – Toronto
      On June 4, The Canadian PBC Society had a tremendous day at our annual fundraising event ‘A Day at the Races’. We had a great turn out as our members and their friends and families joined [more]
    • A Day at the Races – See all the Photos
      See all the wonderful photos from our annual ‘A Day at the Races’ fundraiser on the website on our PBC PHOTO GALLERY which I hope you are able to locate at the top of this page under the [more]
    • PBC in Men Uncommon – Read Carey’s Story
      This is the last of four PBC Profiles that will appear in the National Post Patient Diaries Series. One of the best ways to raise awareness about PBC is to get our stories told, leading to early [more]
    • Self Management Workshop – Duncan, BC
      On June 2, The Canadian PBC Society was fortunate enough travel to Duncan, BC for our PBC Self Management Workshop. Through this workshop we were able to provide and share information about the [more]
    • Victoria PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting
      On June 1, The Canadian PBC Society hosted a dinner meeting to discuss the latest in PBC news. We were lucky enough to have Dr. Andrew Mason as our guest speaker, who was able to provide attendees [more]
    • Victoria Government Meeting
      On May 31st the Canadian PBC Society met with the Government officials in Victoria, BC.   In our efforts for us to shine a spotlight on PBC – we told government officials about PBC – the [more]
    • Fredericton Government Meeting
      The Canadian PBC Society attended a meeting with the a Assistant Deputy of Health for New Brunswick in Fredericton on May 10th. It is exciting to be able to spread information and awareness about PBC [more]
    • Cross Canada making our voices heard -PBC Advocacy
      Starting in Halifax in May, 2017, the Canadian PBC Society met with government health policy experts, decision-makers, medical professionals, and PBC patients and their families to talk about the [more]
    • Telling our stories to Raise PBC Awareness
      This is the third of four PBC Profiles that will appear in the National Post Patient Diaries Series. One of the best ways to raise awareness about PBC is to get our stories told, leading to early [more]
  • Leslie K

    November 18 is my liver-versary. On that date in 2015, I received the gift of life in the form of a gently used liver from a courageous stranger who has become my hero. Just one year prior, I was diagnosed with PBC. It was a disease unknown to me, but on my crash course to […]

    Barbara B

    When I was asked to write this I was not sure where or how to begin. One thing I do know is how fortunate I have been on this journey for the past seventeen years, starting with my family doctor who noticed an anomaly in the results of my blood tests. When my diagnosis was […]

    Dawn C

    I was diagnosed after testing in Jan/Feb 2014 by a gastroenterologist/hepatologist and was started on the Urso right away. In June 2014 I opted to have the Fibroscan done in Toronto and that indicated I was in stage 3 of liver fibrosis. A year later, this July 2015 I had a repeat and it indicated […]