Dates to Remember

Wednesday October 25, 2017

PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting – Ottawa

Join us from 6:00-8:00 pm for this complimentary dinner meeting at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. Welcoming Dr. Shaw-Stiffel, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Tsien, Dr. Scully. To register click here.

Thursday November 2, 2017

PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting – Calgary

Join us from 6:00-8:00 pm for this complimentary dinner meeting at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, Calgary. Welcoming Dr. Mark Swain as special guest speaker. To register click here.

Monday November 6, 2017

CORD fall conference – Toronto

Creating a common vision and framework for Rare Disease Canada. Learn more here.

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Canadian Rare Disease Day

PBC is a rare disease. One in 10,000 people in Canada have PBC. Make sure our voices are heard in Ottawa and provincial legislatures across Canada.

Thursday March 1, 2018

Nutrition Month – March

Good nutrition is essential in living with PBC. Find out about healthy eating that is right for you.

Sunday April 22, 2018

National Organ Donor Week – April 22 – 29

PBC if left untreated may result in the need for a liver transplant.

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Leslie K

November 18 is my liver-versary. On that date in 2015, I received the gift of life in the form of a gently used liver from a courageous stranger [more]

Barbara B

When I was asked to write this I was not sure where or how to begin. One thing I do know is how fortunate I have been on [more]

Dawn C

I was diagnosed after testing in Jan/Feb 2014 by a gastroenterologist/hepatologist and was started on the Urso right away. In June 2014 I opted to have the Fibroscan [more]