Ways to Donate

Get Involved

As a totally volunteer-run organization, we are always happy to welcome new members to our team. So if you have the time and interest, we can put your talents to good use.

We have many areas where our volunteers enjoy being involved: helping to organize information sessions in their local regions, planning fundraising events, providing life stories for our communication programs, and helping with outreach efforts to increase our membership.  Participating in a clinical trial or research is a very rewarding way to get involved in ensuring all patients have access to safe and effective treatments.

If you are interested in exploring some current volunteer opportunities, please email or phone our national office info@pbc-society.ca 1-866-441-3643

Clinical Trials

There are many clinical trials taking place in Canada. Here is a current list as of November, 2018.  If you are interested in participating in any of these trials, ask your specialist to find out if you would benefit from and/or qualify for any of these clinical trials.

  • Seladelpar – Phase 3 currently enrolling.  Existing sites:  Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg
  • GKT137831 –  Phase 3 currently enrolling: Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal 
  •  GSK2330672- Phase 2b currently enrolling:  Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and London
  • GS9674 – Phase 2 active, currently NOT enrolling: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Vaughan
  • OCALIVA – Phase 4 COBALT long term study, currently enrolling: Toronto, London, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal 
  • ETRASIMOD – no trials currently in Canada
  • ENANTA – no trials currently in Canada
  • ABATACEPT – no trials currently in Canada
  • ELAFIBRANOR – no trials currently in Canada

To see all PBC CLINICAL TRIALS around the world, check:   www.clinicaltrials.gov
or check our newest CLINICAL TRIAL search tool below:


PBC Brochures – Spread the word

You can help us spread the word about the symptoms and treatment of PBC and potentially encourage early diagnosis. Take them to your next doctor’s appointment and ask to leave them in the waiting room so that others can be informed and educated about this rare disease.  Download these brochures now or order brochures from info@pbc-society.ca

  • PBC Postcard — Local support for newly diagnosed Find out more

  • PBC Poster — Submit monthly blog of 250 words plus pictures Find out more.

Plan your own fundraising event

Interested in planning your own event for PBC?  Check out our A Guide to Community Fundraising here.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can make a difference! The Canadian PBC Society is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Board of Directors — Director at Large Find out more.
  • Community Coordinator — Local support for newly diagnosed Find out more.
  • PBC Blogger — Submit monthly blog of 250 words plus pictures Find out more.

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