PBC Awareness Month 2018

September is PBC Awareness Month!

Sept. 1-30  PBC Awareness Quiz

 30 days…30 draws…30 prizes!
Grand Prize – Mini iPad!
Final Draw – September 30

Test  your knowledge about PBC. Take our PBC QUIZ and you’ll be automatically entered in a draw to win one of 30 daily prizes. Tell all your friends and family — they can take part too!

Here’s how it works:
1. Simply take the online quiz and complete the entry form.
2. Starting on Sept 1 and every day for the month of September you’ll be eligible to win a prize.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! 30 days…30 draws…30 prizes!

Help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!
1. Every day for the month of September we will post one fact about PBC with a challenge to “take the PBC QUIZ”.
2. Share our post so your friends and family can learn more about PBC in a fun way.

**Everyone is eligible (one entry per person).


      • Sept. 1: Chapters/Indigo gift card $25    Winner:  Janet Beedle
      • Sept. 2: Cineplex gift card $25   Winner:  Lisa Babiuk
      • Sept. 3: Roots scarf $40    Winner:  Wendy Bilodeau
      • Sept. 4: USB Memory Stick $25   Winner:  Mary Ehle
      • Sept. 5: 2019 daytimer $25  Winner:  Bonnie Smith
      • Sept. 6: Hot Sox $25  Winner: Bruce Donivan
      • Sept. 7: Keg gift card $50  Winner:  Cheryl Watts


      • Sept. 8:  Tim Horton’s gift card $25   Winner: Lisa Seamone
      • Sept 9:   Ear buds $25  Winner:  Roy Tanis
      • Sept 10:  Shopper’s Drug Mart gift card $25  Winner:  Judith Black
      • Sept 11:  Thank you note cards $25  Winner:  Laurie Sinclair
      • Sept 12:  Roots shawl $40 Winner:  Maria Rotondi
      • Sept 13:  Tote Bag $25  Winner: Yolanda Vandermeer
      • Sept 14:  Amazon.ca gift card $50 Winner: Robyn Brooks


      • Sept 15:  Staples gift card $25  Winner:  Sandra Albers
      • Sept 16:  Hudson Bay gift card $25  Winner:  Rhoda Champagne
      • Sept 17:  Canadian Tire gift card $25   Winner:  Janet Higgins
      • Sept 18:  Manicure set $25 Winner: Jessica Dupuis
      • Sept 19:  Personal Journal $25  Winner Janice Reeves
      • Sept 20:  Hudson Bay mittens $25  Winner:  Donna Veldhoen
      • Sept 21:  Roots toque  $40  Winner:  Leslie Kaufman


    • Sept 22:  Starbucks gift card $25 Winner:  Adrienne Au 
    • Sept 23:  Shell gift card $25  Winner Patricia Ryan
    • Sept 24:  HomeSense gift card $50  Winner:  Carol Board
    • Sept 25:  Tote Bag $25  Winner: Jeannette Byrne
    • Sept 26:  Wall mount plug/USB adapter charger $25  Winner:  Karol Pickard
    • Sept 27: Immersion Hand Blender $40  Winner:  Tammy Buhler
    • Sept 28:  Milestones gift card  $50 Winner:  Catherine Greyland
    • Sept 29:  Chapter/Indigo gift card $50 Winner: Christine Clouston
    • Sept 30:  Apple iPad mini $529 Winner: Laura Lynn Robinson
September 16
15th Annual Day at the Races
On September 16, 2018 we were thrilled to hold our 15th annual fundraising event – welcoming Dr. Gideon Hirschfield, a world renowned expert in PBC, to the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease.  This year will again feature the famous Racing Buffet, with roast beef carving station, cash bar and a very special high stake horse race.  Our raffle/draw, 50/50 draw and kids auction proved popular – everyone loved the Fascinators!
See all the great photos.

hanks once again to our generous sponsors for their support.  

Gold Sponsor

Intercept Pharmaceutical Canada

Silver Sponsor

CymaBay Therapeutics

Copper Sponsor
Royal Bank of Canada

September 5
Cross Border Lunch
For International PBC Day we enjoy meeting and getting to know our PBC friends from the US PBCers Organization.  This is our 3rd year of getting together. If you can join us in Niagara Falls, Ontario for lunch, get more details and  register here (it’s pay your own!)

Interested in planning your own cross border event? – all you need is two people to get the ball rolling! Plan to enjoy lunch or a coffee, take a photo, post it on Facebook and help spread the word!  If you need our help finding someone to connect with, send us an email at info@pbc-society.ca or clroberts11@hotmail.com

September 9
International PBC Day
This year International PBC Day will be promoted by PBC patient organizations around the world including Canada, UK, Europe and the US.
For a variety of International PBC Day graphics click here.  Then share these graphics on Facebook and Twitter to create awareness for this special day. 
Learn more about the “Hands Up for PBC” Challenge by watching this video.
Not good with Facebook and Twitter?  Use your skills to spread awareness, create your own event – take a photo and email it to:  info@pbc-society.ca and we will share it for you.