It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Erica Nirenberg.  Many of you will remember Erica for her kindness and diligence in arranging the room for monthly support group meetings. “She knitted and crocheted for many charitable organizations and kept Dr. Heathcote’s feet warm for many years with handmade slippers!. A truly sweet, generous woman.”

A Day at the Races – Toronto

On June 4, The Canadian PBC Society had a tremendous day at our annual fundraising event ‘A Day at the Races’. We had a great turn out as our members and their friends and families joined us to celebrate and discuss all the accomplishments in the PBC community this year. We ate great food, watched amazing races, enjoyed a wonderful silent auction, and all in good company. We would like to thank all of our donors and sponsors, with whom without this event would not be made possible. The Canadian PBC society is grateful for all our supporters and look forward to ‘A Day at the Races’ next year!

Self Management Workshop – Duncan, BC

On June 2, The Canadian PBC Society was fortunate enough travel to Duncan, BC for our PBC Self Management Workshop. Through this workshop we were able to provide and share information about the disease. We were very happy to see the PBC community in Duncan come out to discuss their thoughts and experiences with us. It was an amazing experience and we would like to thank all of those who participated. A special thanks also goes out to Anne Hartford and Fairlie Mendoza for all their work in facilitating the event.

Victoria PBC Dinner/Speaker Meeting

On June 1, The Canadian PBC Society hosted a dinner meeting to discuss the latest in PBC news. We were lucky enough to have Dr. Andrew Mason as our guest speaker, who was able to provide attendees with invaluable information about the disease. The event was a tremendous success in the discussion about PBC and its causes, treatments, and advancements. At the meeting we had the opportunity to present Dr. Mason with the 2017 Outstanding PBC Researcher award and a cheque for $5,000.  The Canadian PBC Society looks forward to continuing to work with Dr. Mason on a variety of projects to improve the quality of life for people living with PBC and we are closely following his research endeavors as we strive for a cure.

Victoria Government Meeting

On May 31st the Canadian PBC Society met with the Government officials in Victoria, BC.   In our efforts for us to shine a spotlight on PBC – we told government officials about PBC – the disease itself – and also the challenges of diagnosis and limited treatments available.  We were able to have an excellent discussion about what it’s like to live with PBC.  Our trip was a great success in the journey to raising awareness and spreading information about this rare disease.

Fredericton Government Meeting

The Canadian PBC Society attended a meeting with the a Assistant Deputy of Health for New Brunswick in Fredericton on May 10th. It is exciting to be able to spread information and awareness about PBC across Canada. Follow our journey as we travel throughout the country to provide support, medical information, community, and awareness for those suffering from PBC.

Cross Canada making our voices heard -PBC Advocacy

Starting in Halifax in May, 2017, the Canadian PBC Society met with government health policy experts, decision-makers, medical professionals, and PBC patients and their families to talk about the ongoing work to find a cure for PBC, the critical need for early diagnosis of PBC patients, treatment options and the implications of disease progression for patients and their families.